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*NOTE: This is the current process, and it is ever evolving. Please come back to this page as a resource for the most accurate information for our clinic. Thank you!

We are starting telemedicine! 

At Sona, the process is going to be that we would like to START all visits as telemedicine visits (even for things like sprains and lacerations).  There will still be some people who will need in person visits after the initial telemedicine visit. When an in person visit is needed, we will coordinate an appointment time with you.  We feel we have an obligation to keep our community, patients, and staff safe. These procedures limit the amount of in person contact that we have in our community and clinic, and also help to keep our most vulnerable families, friends and neighbors safe from novel Coronavirus.   

Testing criteria for COVID19 has changed (again) and is now limited to:

  1. Health care workers and people who live in communal settings (jails, long term care, shelters) who have fever, cough, or shortness of breath
  2. People with more severe symptoms (symptoms of COVID19 with shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, chest discomfort, or altered mental status)


COVID19 test results are taking longer than expected.  We will call immediately for all COVID19 test results. Our call volume is very high and we are nearly as interested as you are about getting results, so will call immediately when they are back. 

To Your Health, 

Sona Clinic Team

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