Important Health-Supporting Strategies (fun family video)

Important Health-Supporting Strategies (fun video below)

We don’t know all of your challenges and circumstantial stressors during this time. However, given the situation, we know many, if not most of you, are possibly struggling with the health and economic realities of the Covid- 19 pandemic. We share in this struggle as our organization is also wrestling with this sudden change in circumstances. 

Thankfully, after working long hours for the past 14 days, I had a few hours on Saturday with my family. Unfortunately, due to my exposures, they have to maintain some distance from me. But we had an opportunity to be together as a family which felt wonderful to me. There are many strategies to maintain health and wellbeing during these challenging times. We have sent messages to our patients about how important it is right now to get sleep, control stress, exercise, eat nutritious foods, and consider adding immune support supplements to your regimen. 

In addition, the video below illustrates some of the most important health-supporting strategies.

  • Spend time with loved ones
  • Spend time in nature
  • Exercise
  • Laughter
  • Optional but potent- Cold Plunge!

This time with my family evoked a strong sense of peace as well as a feeling of contentment that transcends all of the uncertainty. We want to reiterate that our practice is here for you. Our main clinic is open and available to see you in person or via telehealth for any concerns other than symptoms concerning for Covid-19. 

Our walk-in clinic at Sona Pharmacy is open 7 days a week and can provide scheduled evaluation for Covid-19 as well as other urgent care services. We can provide you with ongoing support for medical needs via our telehealth platform. 

We are set up and equipped to serve our patients as well as our larger community with our health care services. If you have concerns, we are ready to help.Thank you for your trust and support. It is a privilege to be your partner in health. 

We hope that this Sunday provides you an opportunity for rest and recovery.  

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