How We Are Different






How We’re Different

What Makes Vickery Family Medicine Different?

If you’ve ever spent an hour or more waiting to visit your doctor, only to get 5 minutes of their time, you know how frustrating a visit to the doctor can be. At Vickery Family Medicine, we strive to keep your waiting time in our office short, and to spend as much time with you as possible. We believe that by building strong relationships with our patients and by fully understanding their lives and health concerns, we can deliver them the best healthcare possible.

To do this, we use a “low overhead” practice management system that uses cutting-edge electronic medical records to help us keep our operating costs low, allowing us to spend more time with you. We can always offer you same-day or next-day appointments. We also offer walk-in hours seven days a week for new and existing patients at our east Asheville clinic inside Sona Pharmacy.

For more information on our walk-in hours and location, please visit the Sona Pharmacy & Clinic website at

What is Family Medicine?

Family medicine a primary care medical specialty devoted to comprehensive health care to people of all ages. Family doctors treat patients of all ages for a wide range of health problems. Unlike the “general practitioners” of old, family doctors receive an additional three years of medical training focused on the most common health problems faced by families, including women’s health, pediatrics, and preventive medicine. We have a full-time patient care coordinator who focuses on our patients with chronic diseases such as asthma, diabetes and hypertension. We also offer a weight-loss program in-house, and love helping our patients set and reach their health goals through these programs! 

As a result, family doctors provide comprehensive health care with a focus towards improved disease prevention and health promotion. We can treat you for most common health concerns, and in the event that we can’t treat you or your family within our office, we can make the referrals and recommendations to most specialists. Consultations with a registered dietician are available.

Our Direct Care Program

We believe patients should be more actively engaged in their care, and in greater control of their well-being. So we also provide an affordable Direct Care Program for healthcare services. Through this direct-pay model, we do not receive reimbursements from insurance companies, Medicare, or Medicaid. This simpler approach allows us to keep costs down, focus more on necessary care, and spend more and better quality time with each patient.

The results: shorter wait times, un-rushed appointments, quick scheduling, and extended office hours. 
For more information, please visit our direct care partner website at

Our Great and Worthy Purpose

Individual health – provides tools and resources to empower patients in their health decisions. Meet with individuals and families and connect them to resources in the community and online.

Closely steward resources – make individual health affordable and accessible. This leaves more dollars for the individual to spend on what they consider most important.

Small business investment – maximize opportunity for good health in the small business community by focusing on the well-being of employees. National data backs this up – happy, healthy employees are more productive, have less turnover and contribute to overall public health.

Lead and impactful reformation of primary care delivery – along with other organizations, make robust primary care accessible, affordable, engaging and efficacious.






Our goal is to provide you
with the highest level of care for all your family’s medical needs. We are NCQA Certified.

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Personalized CarePersonalized Care

Personalized Care

We offer you personalized
care and convenient service, with minimal wait times in our office and same-day appointments available on most days.

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