Dr. Jackson’s Telehealth Update

Dr. Jackson’s Telehealth Update

It seems like with each passing day, new information regarding COVID-19 comes to light and requires us to adapt to best serve our patients in a safe, compassionate, and efficient way.

I am excited to announce the official start of our telehealth services. We want to keep serving our patients well but recognize that an in-clinic visit may not be appropriate right now.  This service can be used for any currently established patient, no matter your decision on staying with our clinic in the future (which has been postponed given this outbreak).

  • This will be for routine office visits like medication refills, chronic disease management, and simple acute problems that may come up over the next few weeks.
  • We cannot do telehealth for physicals or annual wellness visits.
  • If you are really sick, it may be safer to do an in-office evaluation. We will help with this decision.
  • Please let us know if you do not have video capabilities (smartphone or webcam) – some insurance companies are ONLY covering audo+video communication.


  • Most insurance companies are now covering telehealth in response to COVID-19. Please help us insure that you have telehealth coverage prior to your appointment.
  • If you have no telemedicine coverage or are uninsured, these visits will cost the same as our usual self-pay office rate
  • For our current Synergy DPC patients, these visits are included in your membership without extra charge.

What to Expect

  • Request a telehealth visit with our front desk
  • You’ll be invited to Spruce Health via text message and email
  • Your provider will call you around the time of your appointment via this app (turn notifications on!)

In times of medical uncertainty, it is reassuring to know that someone cares deeply about you and your health. We will continue to work hard and go the extra mile for our patients – it’s what you deserve and what our community needs.

Here is a running list of what we are doing at Vickery Family Medicine, Sona Walk-In Clinic, and the Biltmore Clinic to take care of you:

  • We have a physician lead who is in daily communication with the Buncombe County Health Department
  • We have developed protocols for screening our patients for symptoms consistent with COVID-19 infection PRIOR to coming into our offices
  • Our Sona Clinic was first in Buncombe County to conduct a drive-through clinic at Sona Walk-In Clinic for COVID-19 testing for high-risk patients.
  • We have an in-clinic workflow to keep higher risk patients in isolation from other patients, including a separate, designated exam room.
  • We have established relationships with local lab companies that can perform COVID-19 testing on symptomatic patients. Turnaround time is around 4-7 days

Please follow our blog or await future emails from our clinic for more information and updates on COVID-19 and our clinic.  If you have further questions or would like to schedule a telemedicine visit, please contact our office at 828-274-1600.

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Coronavirus COVID-19: The Facts

Many of you have been following the news on the novel coronavirus COVID-19 and wondering about the true risk of this virus and how to best prepare. We do not fully know how much this virus will impact our state/country but is reasonable to expect COVD-19 to be widespread and present in every state within the next 2 months. Therefore, we feel it best to take this outbreak seriously and inform our patients on what they can do to stay safe.

COVID-19 Facts

  • The primary symptoms are fever, cough, shortness of breath, body aches
  • Most cases have been mild and last 7-14 days but can progress to worsening shortness of breath during the second week, which may require hospitalization.
  • The virus is very contagious, with death rates around 1-2% of those infected. This rate will likely decrease as more mild cases are identified. Those most at risk are the elderly, those with chronic respiratory conditions, and those with weakened immune systems

How to prepare for COVID-19:

  • Stock up on supplies at home like shelf-stable food, hand sanitizer, toiletries and facial tissues
  • Consider modifying any travel plans, work from home if you are able, and avoid large public spaces
  • Focus on prevention: frequent handwashing, use of hand sanitizer (>60% alcohol content), avoid touching face with hands
  • Avoid close contact with those who have symptoms associated with the virus
  • Stay healthy. Get more sleep and eat nutritious foods. The stronger your immune system, the less impact this virus may have on you.

What to do if you may have COVID-19:

  • Call our office first before coming into the clinic
  • Wear a mask to reduce spread to household family members, pets, and other close contacts
  • Clean and disinfect your house regularly
  • Restrict travel outside of your house to only necessary locations (clinic or hospital, primarily)
  • Treatment of mild cases: ibuprofen/acetaminophen, staying hydrated, rest



More information from the CDC website, CLICK HERE.

We will continue to provide updates as we learn more.

The Vickery Family Medicine team

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